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New JPriseMerge

a JPrise Inc. tool for merging genealogy databases

The alpha pre-release of JPriseMerge is now available for evaluation.

Note that this is a brand new program that is not yet in full release.
  • An easy to use tool for controlled merging of genealogy databases.
  • Supports GEDCOM version 5.5
  • Easy to use side by side viewing of elements between the databases.
  • Project oriented features such as To Do lists, done checkboxes
  • A separate project manager which keeps track of matched, unmatched, completed, and discarded elements from the databases.
  • Shows pedigree and family graphical views   Automatic updates occur while performing merges.
  • Written in Java, runs on all popular platforms including Windows X86, Macintosh, and Linux.
  • Uses probabilistic fuzzy logic to assist you in accurately matching elements between databases.
  • Locked and unlocked navigation of individuals between databases. During locked tracking if the user clicks, for example, on the father of an individual in one database view, the other database automatically tracks and changes to the corresponding individual.
  • Supports popular vendor extensions such as those provided by Family TreeMaker*
  • Simultaneous multiple vendor support*
* Support of vendor extensions has started, and we intend to accept requests for supporting such new features as quickly as possible.

JPriseMerge is a tool which has been designed for the purpose of taking data from two GEDCOM databases and merging it into a single data base. Have you gathered new data with the Pocket Genealogist and need to put it into your primary database?  Has your Aunt Mary sent you her database?  To merge these databases usually requires a lot of careful hand work.  JPriseMerge has been designed to address these issues and help you, the user, easily merge Gedcom databases while retaining complete control over the process.

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