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a JPrise Inc. tool for collaborative telescope control from the internet

These pages are currently under construction. The Internet Telescope Control applications will be available for evaluation soon.


JPrise Inc. has been involved in a project working with the Northwest Astronomy Group to build a telescope observatory which can be controlled from the internet. JPrise Inc. is developing a set of servlets, applets, and web-apps that control and display various aspects of running an observatory's telescope, CCD camera, dome, and star chart displays. What differentiates this from most telescope control applications is the ability to work with the telescope while collaborating with others. Members and guests of the observatory may join in, jointly observe, control various instruments, and communicate with each other while telescope operations are carried out, from different locations on the internet, all in a real time sense. This makes an ideal environment for universities to teach astronomy to students, public observatories to share observations with the public, and private observatories to allow their scientific and engineering teams to work together without being physically on site at the observatory.

Currently, this project is under development and not yet complete. But you are welcome to browse around the Northwest Astronomy Groups Telescope control web site, download the applets and web-apps and experience them, and join in with NWAG members to observe actual telescope sessions when their telescope and these applications are up and running. Check out the Documentation and Screenshots pages and feel free to provide us with your feedback and comments. If, by chance, you are interested in having such an application for your own telescope observatory, then please contact us and we will be delighted to help you get set up with your own collaborative telescope control servers.

Something to think about, the infrastructure used to support a collaborative control environment for the NWAG telescope can be applied to other similar applications where collaboration amongst a widely dispersed group of individuals is needed. We at JPrise Inc. have gain quite a bit of experience with this application and would be quite willing to discuss developing and using our framework, with your team, if you feel it might be appropriate for your application.

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