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We are experts in dozens of technologies, especially in and around Java

Introduction to JPrise Inc.


One of the toughest aspects of any software project is knowing how to design and architect it properly.Whether it be a stand-alone application, embedded, real-time process control, or large enterprise application, the Java developer needs to know how to leverage the services available from the many different development, support, and framework tools. These includes everything from IDE's, GUI layout tools, cross platform integration tools, web/network based client/server applications, to distributed Java application servers and the J2SE/J2EE framework, including Java Server Pages, Java’s Messaging Services and JDBC.

Here at JPrise Inc., we are thoroughly trained in these tools and architectures such as the J2EE framework. We are experts in Object Oriented Analysis and Design, and know how to exploit tools and services available for application development. In addition, we are cross trained in many related topics such as XML and web programming.

Our Services


We are self-starter contractors/consultants who are highly motivated and can work in a fast-paced, agile, and collaborative development environment. Markets we have successfully assisted in providing software services range from testing compilers and real-time operating systems for embedded systems in medical devices to development of control applications for industrial robotic system. JPrise Inc. specializes in the following types of software technologies and services:

  • Web / Internet Specialties
  • Embedded Systems Specialties
  • Real-time Operating Systems / Platforms
  • Processors

Our Products


JPrise has developed several products and would be happy to discuss making them available for purchase, should you be interested in one of them. These products include:

  • Diebonders and Robotic Vision Systems
  • Genealogy Products
  • Astronomy Products

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