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We keep up on current technologies by developing our own interesting products.*

* These applications are currently under development.

Diebonders and Robotic Vision Systems

Diebonder description goes here.

Genealogy Products

JPriseMerge description goes here

Astronomy Products

Telescope Control software description goes here..

Our Diebonder

  • Upgrade Hughes 2500 Diebonder to JPriseHughes 2550
  • You will like the 2550 because it sets up quickly and runs flexibly.
  • Now, have that and more, with modern, serviceable vision/motor control system
  • Higher resolution cameras
  • Easy program creation
  • Easy program operation
  • Software driven calibration produces
  • Programs portable across machines


  • Merges two genealogy data files
  • User has complete control
  • Computer-assistance provides likely matches between two files
  • Visual comparison in Family View, Pedigree View and Detail View
  • Stand-alone application
  • Windows 95,98,NT,XP; Linux; Apple Macintosh
  • Software driven calibration produces

Internet Telescope Control

  • Collaborate from multiple places on the internet
  • ASCOM based
  • Integrated Star Chart, Camera and Telescope Drive controls
  • Interactive
  • Client application deployed as a Java web app, or applet, supports automatic updating
  • Guest, Member and Operator levels of interaction
  • Web application, deployable to any platform running a Java VM
  • Server side code uses servlets. Jakarta Tomcat server executes on any platform running a Java VM
  • Cartes du Ciel star chart accessed via RMI from server.
  • Incorporates and deploys NASA SkyView images via an internet connection.
  • ASCOM drivers accessed via RMI from server.

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