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Our Services

JPrise Inc. provides Independent Consulting and Professional Engineering Services in the fields of Computer Software and Hardware. Specialties include: Computer Consulting, Software Engineering, Hardware/Software Systems Design and Development, Computer Programming and Custom Software Development, RTOS and Embedded Systems, eCommerce, Software Tools, Systems Administration and Integration, Installations and Upgrades, Testing and Support, Performance Enhancements and Optimizations, Communications and Networking, Electronic Mail and Web Sites, Internet and Web Servers, Internet Access and Network Connectivity, and System/Network/Internet Security including Firewalls and Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware.

Web / Internet Specialties


Whether you are looking for simple website development and deployment, setting up a server, or developing a web based application, JPrise Inc. can assist and help you integrate these technologies with your business needs. We are particularly adept at working with Java based solutions with technologies such as  Java, J2EE, Netbeans, Javascript, JSP, and Apache or Tomcat servers.

  • Web Application Development 
  • Databases
  • Desktop-to-Web Migration
  • e-commerce
  • Document Systems (such as PDF / Adobe Acrobat)

Embedded Systems Specialties


If you need a software engineering consultant or contractor for am embedded systems application, JPrise Inc. can provide you with software engineers with years of experience. We have worked on various applications including RTOS and custom compiler testing for medical implant devices and control software for industrial robotics. We are embedded systems experts with emphasis in:

  • System Engineering
  • Real-time Process Control
  • Firmware Engineering
  • Device Drivers/BSPs
  • Device Management
  • Handheld Devices
  • Communication Protocols



JPrise Inc. can help you with the integration of your hardware architecture and software framework. While we specialize in software frameworks that involve Java technologies, we are also experienced and adept in Microsoft technologies such as .Net and can provide you with solutions quickly without requiring the high overhead costs of training.

  • Open Source (PHP, Python, Apache, Jakarta Tomcat/James, Linux, MySQL, etc.).
  • Java (J2SE/J2EE, JSP, Eclipse, NetBeans, Forte, WebSphere)
  • Microsoft (NET, C/C++, and all Open Source and Java )

Real-time Operating Systems / Platforms


JPrise has worked with embedded kernels and real-time operating systems, both independently and with commercial RTOS vendors.  We have also worked with open-source alternatives including Linux and understand how to get the best out of them in real-world applications.  Some RTOSs we have worked with include:

  • VxWorks
  • pSOS
  • Windows CE
  • Palm OS.



Whether you need assistance with small 8-bit microprocessors in an embedded application, or more powerful 32-bit/64-bit architectures, JPrise Inc can provide you  with software solutions that will integrate tightly with your own development environment.

  • PowerPC & 68k/Coldfire
  • Intel x86 & Pentium

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