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We can provide timely services in the following specialties

Graphical Art

Graphical art authoring requires expertise in web design and font and color coordination. We have extensive experience developing web sites for customers and have the tools for image processing such as PhotoShop, Gimp and DreamWeaver. We deliver compelling content to represent your business in a professional appearance.

Web Page Design

Web page design, involves developing web sites so that the navigational flow is user friendly and helps the user find what they need as soon as possible. We use tools such as OpenOffice, Front Page, and Dreamweaver as well as other tools that are useful in creating web sites.

We have extensive experience developing web sites and have the tools for image processing, web content authoring and Java code development. We will build a web site that can be used to advertize your products and services and help speed up marketing and sales making your company profitable and highly successful.

Intranet & Internet Applications

We provide standard web page development programming services ranging from basic web page development to more sophisticated server-side Java programming involving database access.

Internet applications require using high level languages for development such as HTML, XML, JAVA, PERL and C/C++ (including CGI - Common Gateway Interface). Database integration also plays a very big role in intranet applications as it provides the backend of many data driven front-ends.

At JPrise Inc. we specialize in developing portable applications written in Java, yet we have extensive experience working with all of the above mentioned technologies. Internet application development involves being able to develop client-server applications which work across the web, are device independent, and run on a variety of platforms. Java applets can be used as small applications which can be run by the browser on the client and provide functionality such as animations, text scrolling, local computation and storing data in a database. Java webapps can be used by larger applications running on the client and provide a seamless connection from the desktop application to a server.

Java servlet development utilizes server-side java technologies such as enterprise java beans (EJB). These technologies exploit distributed object creation and transactional work. Java application servers, such as Apache, Jakarta Tomcat and WebSphere are supported by JPrise Inc.

Web Content Authoring

  • Graphics (image creation)
  • Java Applets
  • DHTML, XML, and Javascript
  • Hypertext Links (text and graphics)
  • Lists and Tables
  • Sound and Video
  • Image Maps
  • Animations
  • Forms (text fields and areas, radio buttons, check boxes, selection lists)
  • FTP and E-Mail functionality

Internet Applications

  • Java Server Pages
  • Servlets, Mailets
  • Jakarta Tomcat, Jakarta James
  • Jakarta Struts
  • Perl, CGI (Common Gateway Interface)
  • C/C++
  • EJB (Enterprise Java Beans)
  • MySQL
  • RMI

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