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We can provide timely services in the following specialties

Windows & Linux OS

Our in-depth knowledge of operating system internals, cross platform experience, and experience in co-developing products with external teams make JPrise Inc. the ideal team to develop the drivers and supporting software for your next product. We specialize in building new products, and in working with new technologies and platforms.

Our staff has many years of software development expertise, having written everything from device drivers and server daemons to Windows client applications. We have special expertise in electronic mail applications, servlets and mailets, and Windows client development. Our programming staff is able to offer an extremely broad array of software-related services.

Large development projects can be broken into trackable phases of specification, design, coding, testing, documentation. with milestones and checkpoints at the end of each phase. Small development projects can be implemented with nimble processes such as those used in extreme programming practices.

Please contact us with your questions and requirements, even if you do not see them here, as this is only a very small list of our custom software services.

Custom programming

  • Object oriented architectures
  • Partitioning into process/thread frameworks
  • Object oriented software design
  • Software Porting
  • Code Optimization
  • Database schema


  • Linux on all supported platforms
  • MS/PC-DOS on Intel x86
  • Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/Win7 on Intel x86


  • Java
  • C or C++
  • Smalltalk
  • 80x86, 68020 Assembly
  • PHP, Mysql

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