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We can provide timely services in the following specialties

Embedded Applications

We can help and support developers wishing to embed Java applications for devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, TV set-top boxes, in-vehicle telematics systems, and a broad range of embedded devices. We can recommend solutions ranging from tiny embedded platforms which can be with or without graphics. Such embedded Java solutions allow you to build Internet/Intranet based GUI and supervisory control systems for scientific and engineering applications.

Real Time Applications

At JPrise Inc., we also specialize and can develop real time process control systems. We have experience with working with real time OS's such as VxWorks, embedded Linux, and PSOS. Using PERC, Java based solutions can be extended to real time applications.

Real Time Processes

  • PERC
  • VxWorks, Embedded Linux

Embedded Applications

  • PersonalJava and EmbeddedJava
  • JES Java Embedded Server
  • a.out, COFF, XCOFF, ELF

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